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Xtreme Exotics Fun!

Experts with training and experience to handle and show off super awesome animals with the utmost safety!


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We do it all!

  • Educational talks 

  • Corporate events

  • Summer camps

  • Church events

  • Boy & Girl Scouts

  • School events

  • Birthday parties

  • Daycare events

  • So much more!





Custom tanks

A healthy beautiful tank cage or terrarium starts with quality experience, and a refined understanding of your pet of choice, which our employees are fully equipped with. Heres how it works:

  • Choose your tank

  • Specify any budget and we'll make it work

  • Choose from some of our decorations and supplies for your new friend.

  • Let us do the rest! We'll professionally tailor a beautiful enclosure ready for pick up within just a few days.

Reptile Terrarium